LW Dynamics is your partner in reducing your credit card processing fees and streamlining your credit card procedures. Our services have helped control the cost of merchant processing for a variety companies in diverse, complex industries.

It's time for you to you win big by saving money on credit card processing costs without switching providers.

Steps to increase profit

We do all the work to deliver savings by reducing fees associated with accepting credit, debit, and other forms of electronic payment.  In order to minimize credit card processing costs we need to achieve clear and transparent pricing, terms and ensure transactions are clearing at the lowest cost method.  

We put to work our three-part evaluation process.

R: Research

R: Renegotiate

R: Review & Results


Initial Research: We require four (4) months of recent processing statements. A thorough analysis is done to see how or if we can help.

Renegotiate: After a signed letter of engagement, we discuss and go over anticipated savings and strategy to get there by negotiating with the service provider on the clients behalf.

Review & Results: After implementing our strategy we report the quantified savings results as well as audit the billing for accuracy. We report areas of improvement in terms of Interchange qualification.


We review three (3) most recent merchant processing statements and determine the card activity and sales volume into the total amount that’s being paid each month which we identify the Average Effective Rate.

We present our finding and then come to agreement on the Average Effective Rate that will be used. After receiving statements once we performed our services, the Average Effective Rate will be applied to card sales volumes to determine what the client would have paid. We then subtract what the client actually did pay, from what the client would have paid, which yields the realized savings.

This method ensures that as sales volumes fluctuate an accurate realized savings amount will still be obtained. Sounds goo huh?


Our fees are contingent upon realized savings. We split the realized savings 50/50 over a 12 month period. That means no upfront costs or risks. Amazing!

Opening a new business?

We provide expertise and guidance with finding the best merchant service providers in the market. Let an expert guide you with this process.

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